About Me

 I started to search my family history about 1980.  I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1979 and I began to hear much about genealogy.  I decided to look into it.  My father was the oldest of his brothers and he died early, so much that he knew was gone with him or it was burned in a fire in our home in the 1960s.  He had siblings living and I knew that they would provide what information they could.

It helps to tell people what you are doing.  I told a cousin, a contemporary of my fathers, that I was interested in documenting the family tree and he directed me to a cousin (actually many cousins) that he thought might help.  Surprisingly, she lived just blocks from me and I never knew her.  Her name was Elizabeth Cooper.  She was the catalyst to many of my great finds for years.  Elizabeth owned the "golden grail" of my family search.  She owned a history handwritten by her grandfather, Martin Gray.  Martin Gray was my grandfather's brother.
The search continues...

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