Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday to Kiera Natalia (Lia) Thompkins, the most beautiful girl in Fort Myers!
"you is kind; you is smart and you is important!" (The HELP)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sarah Jane, Sufronia and Pearlean...women that make me what I am.

The Batman Quilt

Well, it had been a while and it was time for a new quilt from "Bella."  This was a 10th birthday gift for Alexi Xavier in June 2016.  Batman is one of his favorite action heroes.  It's not perfect, but Alexi is very forgiving.  He is a great little guy!

Destiny Candace Jackson and Auntie Clovise Gray Culpepper (May 2016)...TWO CHAMPIONS.  One arriving on earth looking like a new born bird (but beautiful, of course) and the other surviving breast cancer.  Unbeatable Role Models!!!
This young Mormon Missionary, Sis. Grover, served in Bunnell, FL for a while and she came over and cleaned for Miss Momma and listened to her stories.  She sent us this pic we took just before she left for home.